Chore time!!

Housekeeping – not my strongest skill.  I think even the goldfish applauded when that infamous nesting instinct broke out and I actually VACUUMED while I was pregnant.  (Random aside: I worked for a vacuum cleaner company as an engineer and STILL can’t spell that word correctly on the first try.  True story.)

So if I have the opportunity to pawn some of the housework off on the unsuspecting and oh-so-willing toddler?  I’m so totally in.  That I get to call it a “teachable moment” and “learning responsibility”? Icing on the cake.  The delicious, delicious, chores-for-other-people cake.

(Funny part: the parenting books all talk about “lowering your standards” and not redoing your child’s attempts if at all possible.  Ummmm – guys? If my standards got any lower the health department would put me on a reality show.  Kidding.   Kinda.)

So the Little Scientist has his chores – he unloads the dishwasher, sweeps the floor, and takes out the recycling.  And BOY will I be sad when the day comes he needs something more than applause and a “good job!” to motivate the work… Do you think I can teach him to do laundry before then?


Sweeping noodles from scooping practice into the square. Then scattering them out again. Over and over and over.


Aaaand sometimes we sweep with our feet. Whatever works dude.


I never cease to be amazed at the random crap in my garage. But hey – look! Cute kid, recycling!!

Same day, different cutoff shirt. It's our summer theme this year.

Same day, different cutoff shirt. It’s our summer theme this year.

The iPPP ladies are much nicer to their kids than I am – they’re probably doing FUN stuff this summer. Check ’em out!