It’s not you, it’s me.

For the last month, I’ve been wallowing.

Moving – sucked. Husband working all the hours, all the days – sucks. The three year old is OMGSOVERYTHREE right now – sucks. The baby is still very VERY attached to dear old mom – sweet, but also kinda sucky.

So I gave myself until today to just be frumptastic about it. But now I need to NOT be a crankpants.  So I’m working on being intentional.  I didn’t just hand the Little Scientist the iThingie this morning – we rode the tantrum wave and went out to play.  I checked the social media wormhole, then put it down.  I drank a bottle of water between my cups of coffee.  I came over here to dust off ye olde blog, write this down while he naps and Little Sister crawls around looking for fuzzies to eat.  Hold myself accountable for it in a day / week / month or two.   We might paint or color something after nap.  Unpack something. Stella’s getting her groove back, baby.

We’ll see.