Peeking around the corner.

Mostly figuratively.  That last post was out of character (with lots of WORDS! and FEELINGS! ACK!), and I’m not quite sure what to write next.


We’re chugging right along with Little Sister’s food issues – cashews and broccoli are no-gos, but a bit of caffeine in a brownie or Excedrin seems ok… I’m starting to look into banking/donating some of the extra boob juice, hoping that this crazy elimination diet can help someone else too.  (PS – if you know anything about this kind of banking, hit a girl up with some info!)

tummy time is a little more bearable now...

tummy time is a little more bearable…

HEY! is that a bink?!?!

HEY! is that a bink?!?!

The Little Scientist has been all kinds of busy – we’ve made moon sand (8 cups of flour plus 1 cup of baby oil) to use some of the flour I’m not allowed to eat.  The mess was… MOSTLY contained.  Mostly.

playing with our hands is fun, mom, BUT...

playing with our hands is fun, mom, BUT…

... toes are even BETTER!

… toes are even BETTER!

He’s also decided that he wants to play football (OVER MY DEAD BODY, YOU HEAR?!?!?)

0722085708_73 0722085104_75

And Nerdgrandma sent us an activity box chock full of ocean activities to do during preschool time in the afternoons.  Chock.  Full.  So we’re elbow deep in plastic frogs and fishies and turtles and my towels are getting quite the workout during activities :).


Oh, and Little Sister and I will be headed to Blogher ’13 this week – and I’m so excited I just might pee on the carpet.  (Take that with a grain of salt.  I did just have a baby.)  We’re planning on meeting SO many people that right now only exist in my computer, and seeing some family that hasn’t met the baby yet.  YAY!!  (Send aaaaaall the good plane baby vibes.  Please.)

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Playing in water – the best laid plans…

Nope, no baby yet.  Although I scared the pants off of Nerddad last night with a rousing game of “is it a tummy bug or is it labor”… *grin*. (Spoiler alert – tummy bug.  Blech.)  Keeping things interesting around here, that’s my major function.

So it’s FINALLY warm enough here to get outside and play for real.  I mean, really Nature?  SNOW in MAY? South of the Mason-Dixon?  Vom. It.

But this week was gor-GEOUS, so after helping our AWESOME babysitter construct baby furniture:

So SERIOUS. And So SCARY with a real screwdriver.  Who's idea was that, anyway?

So SERIOUS. And so SCARY with a real screwdriver. Who’s idea was that, anyway?

The Little Scientist and I raided the $5 and under toy aisle for water toys.  Bags of toys later, we set up shop at home…. And proceeded to play with our favorite rocks.  For an hour.  Quite happily.  So I’ll stash the bags away for another sunny day 🙂

water1 water2 water3

Although I do have to admit, we pulled the Nemo water cannon out for a little while, and the peals of laughter over the bubbles (aka Nemo toot-toots) were quite funny.  Ah, potty humor.  NOW we’re in my wheelhouse, little man.

Not to be deterred, after nap (and yes, that’s a THIRD outfit for the day.  Don’t judge.) I was determined to try to make these sponge balls.  I got as far as cutting up my sponges, and, well…

water4 water5

So this week’s lesson, following the last one about slowing down to toddler speed, is about child-led activities.  Because sometimes a rock is the BEST toy, and sometimes the craft project gets derailed in the middle for a building project – and that’s ok too.


Gratuitous shot of nerddad and LS – because *d’awwwww*!!

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Big and little and one MELL of a hess.

You think I’d learn.  I already talked about the lentils and their ridiculousness.  Here.

But we’ve been working on big and little.  Daddy has big shoes (no really – size 14/15, dude), LS has little shoes.  Big steps, little steps.  Big bellies, little bellies. (I’ll let you guess who gets to serve as the example of big for THAT one *sigh*. I get no regard, no regard atall.)

I made a matching game that I (surprise, surprise) tape to things.  I printed it on cardstock – he gets the little shapes, and has to find the big partners taped around the house.  No pics – but the pdf is big & little.

A natural extension in my addled brain was measuring cups.  Big and little and pouring and WIN!!

The mistake?  I filled the bowl with a lentil-oats mix for the pouring.  Kid was in LURVE and the concentration was E-P-I-C.

pouring1 pouring2
pouring3 pouring4

I’ll be sweeping lentils from the kitchen floor for the rest of eternity.  Especially because now he asks for his “bowl” at least once a day.

To our darling and patient weekly babysitter – I’m so very, very sorry.

(I’ve heard rumored – thanks mom – that little pastas with a few big pastas mixed in are just as scoopable, and much easier to clean…)

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Burning that outdoor energy, winter-style.

I was the kid that snuck books to the playground, and hid under the slide to read.  Who grew up near the ocean and never got a tan.  (Although let’s be honest – not that I could tan.  We’d lived in our small town for a decade and Mom was STILL getting stopped by nice folks in the grocery warning her to “sunscreen those babies”.  I like to call my specific shade of pale glow-in-the-dark albino.)

So how did IIIIII end up with the toddler who needs a solid hour of fresh air and RUNRUNRUNRUN time every. single. day?  Karmic cursing, I swear.  Mom, I’m looking at you.

During the winter we become staple customers at our local bounce houses, kiddie gyms and indoor playplaces.  But (as I’ve been incessantly whining tweeting) we’ve also spent a big chunk of November / December/ January visited by the green-snot-coughing-fever fairies.  And I HATE being the mom with the sick kid at the indoor venue – the laser stares and whispers, they burn.  So  what do I do with a boy who needs to RUNRUNRUNRUUUUUUUN in a 1200 square foot house?

  • Bring the outdoor toys inside – We’ve already ditched all of the living room furniture excepting the couch, so the room is just an open play area (see: RUNRUNRUNRUNCLIMB).  So the Little Tykes slide and kiddie trampoline got a quick dusting and have taken up residence in replacement of coffee table and chairs.
  • Muppet arms – I’m not sure how this started, and I know there’s an incriminating video of it floating around somewhere.  The kid runs from one end of the house to the other yelling “AAAAAAAA” at the top of his lungs.  My role is to chase him, arms flailing in the air a la muppet style, also screaming “AAAAAAAAA”.  Reach the end of the house, turn and switch roles.
  • Scavenger hunt – we’re recently obsessed with the color blue, so he pushes a laundry basket around the house while we find blue things.  I might have loaded a few milk cartons with sand, colored them blue, and hidden them strategically around the house.  The heavier the basket gets the better.
  • Letter running – I’ve stuck foam letters to the front of the cabinets / doors / floors in the kitchen.  I call out a letter and he has to run to it and pat it. I think I owe our landlord an apology for the quantity of adhesive residue we are eventually going to end up leaving E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.  Oops.
  • Bubble wrapping the kitchen floor.  Taping down SHEETS of bubble wrap across the linoleum, and then RUNJUMPROLLing to make pop-pops.  (Just a hint – remove bubble wrap before your half-asleep husband wakes up at 0530 to make himself breakfast before work.  Trust me.)
  • Pillow jumping – the old standby, pulling the cushions off the couch and beds and closets (WHY do we own so many pillows?  Seriously.  How.) and the carpeted floor becomes hot lava.  Or we make climbing mountains and roll off of them until somebody gets a black eye on the piano bench.

Not QUITE the same as being set free at the nearby playground, but it’ll do Pig.  It’ll do.

You're REALLY gonna let me do this IN the house?

You’re REALLY gonna let me do this IN the house?

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Parkour toddler and Christmas preparations begin.

I didn’t expect the winter (even as mild as it is) to be such a challenge.  But combine the fact that I’m a wimp and my kid needs DAILY outside time (preferably around climbing equipment built for kids twice his size… Oh, my heart.) and you’ve got one bona fide recipe for stir crazy.

But.  This week was sunny and they’d just opened a new skate park on the rich side of town.  (BTW – teen graffiti on the rich kid, city-funded skate park?  HIL-AR-I-OUS.) So without further ado, I bring you: Parkour Toddler.

parkour 01 parkour 02
parkour 03 parkour 04
parkour 05 parkour 06

Oy. Vey.

On a less heart-wrenching note, we’ve also started the holiday decorations in casa Nerdmathfun:

Engineering a solution...

Engineering a solution…

... then THIS goes HERE!

… then THIS goes HERE!

Oooooo PRETTY!!

Oooooo PRETTY!!

Yay, Christmas!!

Yay, Christmas!!

I leave you with my favorite:

One of these things is not like the other :)

One of these things is not like the other 🙂

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Channeling our inner Salvador Dali

(GAH!! It’s another shirtless-at-the-table post.  I SWEAR ON ALL THINGS HOLY we do stuff in other rooms.  That other rooms EXIST in this house.  And that the boy owns multiple shirts.)

We got the Little Scientist one of those Alex-and-Marie busy boxes last Christmas.  In retrospect, he was more than a BIT young.  But as we head into the Christmas season a year later, we’re finally to the point where he does the crafts with me, instead of drooling on the stickers while I color.  (PS – awesome, awesome materials.  Well made, well packed, blah blah blah.  And they don’t know I exist, so they certainly aren’t paying me to say this.  It’s just good stuff.)

In this activity you take the blobs of imitation play-doh and stick animal heads and legs and tails and stuff (including a disproportionately large cow udder, but THAT’s another post) in to make farm animals.  In my mind the pink blob went with the pig, the white with the cow, and the blue with the blue horse.  Logic, right?

Oh, hell no.

I think we’re renaming the Little Scientist the Little Surrealist:

Silly mom. Horse heads go NEXT to cow legs.

Contemplating the cosmic aura of the horse head. I think. Or pooping. Same face.

The Cig. Or Pow. With 5 legs.

ADAMANT that the blue and white blobs only have one leg apiece. Unlike the pink blob. There was definite strategy… I think. Maybe.

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Halloween pumpkin gutting!

Little Scientist famously hates having messy hands.  HATES.

So what is a logical activity for Halloween, you ask? Pumpkin Cleaning, of course!!

(Poor kid.)

Ummm. Those? Came outta THERE? Yeah, nasomuch. But thanks mom.

You’re SERIOUS about this? REALLY? My hand goes IN there?

Fine. FINE. If you INSIST.


Huh. So this came out of there.


Heheheh. This feels funny.

Inspecting the experiment’s results.

Pontificating on the etymology and historical significance of the pumpkin seed.

It should be noted that he LOVED the final product. Until it molded 3 days later. And mysteriously disappeared.

Happy Halloween from Nerdfamilymathfun!!! 🙂

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Toddler obstacle course

So we’ve been battling the PLAGUE for two weeks in Nerdcasamathfun.

(And by the plague, I mean a cold combined with lots of Dad overtime.  I exaggerate.  It’s what I do.)

So our afternoon structured activities have consisted of a lot of sitting outside in the backyard sunshine and reading our favorite books over and over and overandoveroveroverover.


Last week while I was teaching the Little Scientist discovered the open flat of water bottles and created himself an obstacle course.  Nerddadmathfun said he was entertained forEVER.  We’re talking a half-hour of self-entertainment.  An ETERNITY in toddler time.

Case in point:

the city planner, hard at work

surveying the finished product

And, if you have the time to kill, NDMF took a video of the excitement here: toddler obstacle course.  (You’ll have to excuse the middle camera part – kiddo’s in the “grab your face when I’m talking to you ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION” phase *grin*)

A brief translation – OLLIE means water.  We don’t know why. Just roll with it.

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Declaring this the AUTUMN OF THE GOOP!! (microwaving soap)

I might as well.  I mean, DUDE.  Have you SEEN the experiments that we’ve been doing recently?

(And now you all know why I only do toddler crafts. Because my adult crafts turn out EXACTLY the same way as my toddler crafts – but at least here I can blame “learning” and “almost-2” for the mess *evil laugh*)

Today’s science activity is that old workhorse – microwave a bar of Ivory soap on high for 2 minutes. Yes, it has to be Ivory. No, it doesn’t hurt your microwave – although your kitchen does smell fresh and clean for a few hours. (WIN! It’s like when you spray cleaner in the air so guests THINK you cleaned… Wait. You don’t do that? Me neither.)

Unwrapping the bar of soap oh-SO-carefully. We talked about how it felt (slippery and hard), the box-like shape, the smell…

…THE TASTE?!?!?! I swear I didn’t know this was coming. Was trying to snap a pic of the sniffing. THAT’s gonna be a fun diaper.

Not so sure we approve of what’s going on in the microwave right now.

It really does blow up this big… And a big chunk fell off in the microwave!! FYI – when you open the door, give it 30 seconds or so to cool to the touch.

Mom. Do you SEE this? MOMmomMOMmomMOM.

Re-enacting how big it got in the microwave. Ok, you caught me: I just want to prove to anyone who reads on a regular basis that I DO PUT CLOTHES ON THE BOY. Really.

Little Scientist DON’T… ah, well. Nevermind.


Now explaining to me JUST HOW BIG the mess is. As if it sprang fully-formed out of my forehead. *facepalm*

But at least we’ve got him trained well *grin*.

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Gel beads (or how we learned to love messy hands)

2 bonus points for everyone who got the Strangelove reference *dorkDORKdork alert*

I keep reading about these magical-wonderful-amazeballs gel beads that you can get at the craft store, in the floral section:

One of the 4 packets I got for $2 each –  at this point I’m not ENTIRELY convinced the tablespoon of beads will soak up ALL THE WATER. I remember sea monkeys, jerks. You can’t trick me twice.

With a little help (and a large dose of the skepticism you might have sensed above), I poured the beads in the water and set it on the counter overnight…

The good news? We only lost a few to the tile. The bad news? My bare feet found every. single. one.


They didn’t change color / container by magic – this is the pink and purple batch. Somehow I didn’t take pictures of the clear batch when complete. **facepalm**

So 4 packets swollen up and poured in a 3 gallon bucket looks like this:

Next time? Bigger bucket, same amount of beads. This was just BEGGING for dumping on the floor.

And an almost-2-year-old who normally hates messy hands but ADORES water beads looks like this:


Pushing the beads through a “tunnel”. Notice the omnipresent stick.

I don’t know, where IS my hand? *giggle*