How to entertain a toddler…

…with a baby on your lap.

Baby girl showed up in the early morning hours of her due date May 28th (punctual to a fault *grin*).  She did manage to wait until Nerddad had been back from a business trip week across the country for a whole 60 hours 🙂


So what do we do now that mom’s trapped under the wee bebe all. the. time?

Lots of car races:

photo (64) photo (63)

And letter hunts:


And even some of this:

photo (67)

And probably more of this than I’m willing to admit:

photo (68)

But we did manage to pull off an activity or two. I rolled some cotton balls in a flour/water/food coloring mix, and baked ’em to make BASHABLE COTTON BALLS (more detailed directions here).

bash  BASH
BASHBASHBASH the long view - yes, my crockpot has its own chair. what? it's family!

(Yes, my crockpot has its own chair. What? It’s family!)

When I do this again, I’d probably use more water to make a thinner coating – these baked up as hard as little rocks!  I would also not emphasize the word BASHABLE quite so much… I’m STILL hearing that one.

No buddy, baby sissy is NOT BASHABLE.  Oy vey.

Fun times ahead, eh?

The gals at #iPPP are not all trapped under babies, and doing all sorts of neat summer things.  Check ’em out!


11 Comments on “How to entertain a toddler…”

  1. Laurie says:

    Bashable…I’ll have to add that to my vocabulary…a true multipurpose word! Love how sissy is in range to observe, safely!

  2. gfunkified says:

    You are amazing for whipping up a batch of toddler activity with a wee bebe! Also, I love the tube for car racing, but I especially love your feet holding it up!!

    Also, you sure do make gorgeous wee ones.

    • I was thinking I was glad I got my toenails painted before I went into labor… *grin*

      It blows my mind how much she looks like his baby pics – it’s impossible to gestate twins 2.5 years apart naturally, right? (And thank you – we’re pretty smitten.)

  3. Ann says:

    Aww, baby! Way to go Mama!
    Watching videos in a tent looks fun!
    My son has an actual rock hammer and it is one of his favorite things to do, sit out on the deck and pound on rocks, with his safety glasses of course!

  4. Congrats on your new latest angel from heaven! She is beautiful! And puntual too!

  5. K says:

    Yay for babies!


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