FOOOOOD!! (aka – she blogged twice in a week?!?!)

I love food.  LOVE.  Not in a foodie “ugh!  You should have used the WHITE truffle oil, you barbarian.” way, but in a “GET IN MAH BELLEH!!” way.

In our wild and crazy days Nerddad and I would take vacations, staying in cheap motels and seeing free attractions so we could save all our pennies for expensive food.  Omnomnom.

So a little over a year ago, when I turned up with celiac disease, it was irrationally hard.  Suddenly grocery shopping was overwhelming.  Cooking wasn’t as intuitive or spontaneous anymore (and I fancy myself a decent cook).  And I *shudder* became THAT person when we ate out.  The special-order-sauce-on-the-side-what-EXACTLY-is-in-this person.

But it eventually was okay.  Shopping got easier, cooking got easier, I got better at deciphering menus and knowing what and where I could generally eat.

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago.  Right around 2 weeks old, baby girl went from normal baby to Colicky McScreampants.  For HOURS.  Every day.  Apparently “colic” is defined as 3 hours of inconsolable screaming, 3 nights or more a week.  Hell, sometimes we were hitting that mark before BREAKFAST.  So, per Dr. Google’s recommendations, I cut out dairy and soy.  And in a matter of days she was back to her old self.

Ummmm – what?  So now I’m gluten, dairy and soy free?  Oof.

Then I had peanut butter for breakfast.  And she broke out in hives.


Pro tip: if you find yourself googling “anaphylaxis in newborns”, make an appointment with the pediatrician.  Stat.

Our awesome AWESOME pediatrician.  He took me seriously, believed what I said I saw and experienced, and said we were on the right track.  That it was too early to test baby girl for actual allergies (all her antibodies are still really MY antibodies), but it sounded like we had a dairy & nut problem on our hands.

Not an allergy – she’ll probably outgrow the dairy bit, and might outgrow the tree nut bit.


While I nurse, I’m gluten, soy, dairy, and tree nut free.  *overwhelmed* In a few months I can try introducing dairy again, but tree nuts are verbotin until she’s 2.

I tried to go grocery shopping yesterday, and texted a few friends that it felt like all I could buy was meat and produce.  Turns out I’m basically Paleo now, with a swap of rice and corn for nuts.

This should be interesting.  Manageable, but interesting.

(And don’t get me STARTED on the fact that baby girl reacts to my ONE morning cup of coffee.  I’m still going through the stages of grief on THAT one.)

If you have any recipes / tips / experiences – I’m all ears.  Seriously.

And look – cute picture!!  Kids!!


Chore time!!

Housekeeping – not my strongest skill.  I think even the goldfish applauded when that infamous nesting instinct broke out and I actually VACUUMED while I was pregnant.  (Random aside: I worked for a vacuum cleaner company as an engineer and STILL can’t spell that word correctly on the first try.  True story.)

So if I have the opportunity to pawn some of the housework off on the unsuspecting and oh-so-willing toddler?  I’m so totally in.  That I get to call it a “teachable moment” and “learning responsibility”? Icing on the cake.  The delicious, delicious, chores-for-other-people cake.

(Funny part: the parenting books all talk about “lowering your standards” and not redoing your child’s attempts if at all possible.  Ummmm – guys? If my standards got any lower the health department would put me on a reality show.  Kidding.   Kinda.)

So the Little Scientist has his chores – he unloads the dishwasher, sweeps the floor, and takes out the recycling.  And BOY will I be sad when the day comes he needs something more than applause and a “good job!” to motivate the work… Do you think I can teach him to do laundry before then?


Sweeping noodles from scooping practice into the square. Then scattering them out again. Over and over and over.


Aaaand sometimes we sweep with our feet. Whatever works dude.


I never cease to be amazed at the random crap in my garage. But hey – look! Cute kid, recycling!!

Same day, different cutoff shirt. It's our summer theme this year.

Same day, different cutoff shirt. It’s our summer theme this year.

The iPPP ladies are much nicer to their kids than I am – they’re probably doing FUN stuff this summer. Check ’em out!


How to entertain a toddler…

…with a baby on your lap.

Baby girl showed up in the early morning hours of her due date May 28th (punctual to a fault *grin*).  She did manage to wait until Nerddad had been back from a business trip week across the country for a whole 60 hours 🙂


So what do we do now that mom’s trapped under the wee bebe all. the. time?

Lots of car races:

photo (64) photo (63)

And letter hunts:


And even some of this:

photo (67)

And probably more of this than I’m willing to admit:

photo (68)

But we did manage to pull off an activity or two. I rolled some cotton balls in a flour/water/food coloring mix, and baked ’em to make BASHABLE COTTON BALLS (more detailed directions here).

bash  BASH
BASHBASHBASH the long view - yes, my crockpot has its own chair. what? it's family!

(Yes, my crockpot has its own chair. What? It’s family!)

When I do this again, I’d probably use more water to make a thinner coating – these baked up as hard as little rocks!  I would also not emphasize the word BASHABLE quite so much… I’m STILL hearing that one.

No buddy, baby sissy is NOT BASHABLE.  Oy vey.

Fun times ahead, eh?

The gals at #iPPP are not all trapped under babies, and doing all sorts of neat summer things.  Check ’em out!