Attention Deficit Dis-HEY! Let’s go play!

(I kid.  I kid.  I know that ADD is real and serious for many people… Truly.)

When I was going through teaching / child development classes a few *cough-ten-cough* years ago, the big debate was on childhood attention spans.  Were they getting shorter, was technology to blame, OHMYGOD was Sesame Street to blame, etc…

I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently for one simple reason.  At 8.5 months pregnant, I just don’t move very fast.  (Unless he decides to take off sprinting towards the road.  Then I can still give Usain Bolt a run for his money.  True story.  I would TOTALLY be an Olympic-class sprinter in the “endangered toddler” category.)

So here recently if the Little Scientist wants to camp out on an activity for an unholy length of time, I’m all in.  And I’ve noticed that my internal “let’s do something else” alarm goes off WAAAY before he’s usually ready to do something else.  Which makes me wonder how often I rush him through things before he’s ready to be done…  So yesterday we went to the park with the drainage ditch… err… creek and tossed rocks in the creek for almost an hour.  And again today.

rock1 rock2
rock3 rock4

I don’t pretend I can stop the clock all the time (FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS CHOCOLATE FIND YOUR SHOES CHILD!!!!), but maybe I need these last 6 weeks before baby girl to retrain myself.  I’ll be thinking about that over here on the comfy chair with my ice cream if you wanna discuss πŸ™‚

The ladies at iPPP are doing all sorts of things NOT in comfy chairs – go check ’em out!


9 Comments on “Attention Deficit Dis-HEY! Let’s go play!”

  1. Oh that cheese face!!! I love him and his adorable cuteness.

    And mama, I feel your pain. I was twelve years pregnant with an active kid pulling me around. It’s crazy. (((hugs)))

    • LOL – I told my OB that I FELT healthier this time, but just didn’t remember being so damn SORE last time… He just laughed, said “Well, you weren’t chasing a 2.5 yo around last time, were you?” TouchΓ© doc.

  2. gfunkified says:

    Ahhhh…. the joys of being pregnant with a toddler. I hope you do get some rest time in the next six weeks!

  3. Definitely harder the second (and third) time than that first pampered no-toddler-running-around pregnancy experience! And I think you may be right. I know there are times that my toddler could sit and play with something forever and we’re the ones trying to move him on. Great points.

  4. been there lady! truly, seriously, be easy on yourself πŸ™‚ easier said than done with a toddler to care for, I realize. wishing you some relaxation!

  5. Kerry B says:

    Oh I think about that often too. Am I rushing my kids too much, not enough etc. Just because I’m bored and know that the rock is going to make a splash in the water doesn’t mean it’s less exciting to my girls. I love when i’m tired because i don’t rush them even if in my mind I’m bored. Besides how could you stop him from doing what he wants? He’s ridiculously cute! I esp love the top right photo!

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