Discovering the camera button on the iThingie

And so the narcissism begins, eh?

(It’s a link to a pdf so your browser doesn’t come beat me up for a 10-picture post.  You’re welcome *grin*)

The LS finds the camera button

(You should see the 300 pics of the couch and ceiling that I deleted… Riveting.)

Pretty sure I’m skirting the rules a tad on the smart-phone pic thing – go check out some gals who know how to do this right!!!


12 Comments on “Discovering the camera button on the iThingie”

  1. hahah! i love pics like this. always fun to discover them after the fact. cute lil mug.

  2. The link didn’t show up for me…my computer is a jerk.

  3. gfunkified says:

    Best. Title. Ever. And oh my goodness, LIPS! I love how they always get closer and closer until only half of their face is showing. And who’s that pretty lady?! 😉

    • RIGHT?!?! I mean, you can SEE yourself on the screen kid… Why do you need to touch it with your nose? (I was joking with DH that one of these days I’m gonna have to take a pic on a day I do something with my hair & face… All the ones that sneak onto the web are ponytail / mascara-free days. *facepalm*)

  4. Oh my goodness how cute it he!!!

  5. Ha! I love it so much! Those cheekies and lips are just so smooshy and I want to pinch!!!

  6. Kerry B says:

    HA! Is he clicking away? That is fun! I love when I get my camera and look at the pictures and it is the most random stuff. I had a sequence of me yelling at her and I so wish I didn’t delete it. It was hysterical. HOlY cuteness by the way!

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