We survived “roughing it”

On Saturday I talked about how me and the Little Scientist were doing a stint as live-in nannies for a friend while she was induced for kiddo #4.

We survived.  Wa-hoo.

Her kids were EXCEPTIONALLY well-behaved.  But I learned that adopting a 7, 5 and 1-year old is NOT in the cards for nerdfamilymathfun.  Oof.  There may have been a TAD much screen-time over the course of the three days.

iPad ftw - ironically in a pile watching the EXACT same thing they could be viewing on the big tv just out of frame.

iPad ftw – ironically in a pile watching the EXACT same thing they could be viewing on the big tv just out of frame.

The “roughing it” part?  NO MICROWAVE.  Seriously.  I never noticed that I use ours fifty bazillion times a day until I kept catching myself wandering aimlessly around the kitchen with a cold cup of coffee or plate of lukewarm food.

Related – dear Dominos.  I could smooch you on the mouth for delivering a house full of pizza via iPad app.  *MWAH*  (Not the least because the warm-up meals I brought for the LS and I were, um…. microwave meals.  Dammit.)

She uneventfully delivered an almost 7-pound healthy baby girl – whole family home and comfy.  Win.

And pass the Tylenol.

(Funny part – the night we headed up to help I got a call from my only other remaining pregnant friend, wondering if we could watch her 18-month old, because she seemed to be in labor.  She got it covered – and ended up 2 doors down from the microwave-free mama! Babies for all!)

Squeaking in under the wire to link up with the #iPPP gals this week – check ’em out!


6 Comments on “We survived “roughing it””

  1. Ann says:

    Healthy babies and mamas is the best news! You are a good friend! Pass the Tylenol, funny!

  2. gfunkified says:

    How in the world do you function without a microwave?! #firstworldproblems HA. I am totally dependent on mine, too. And yeah, we’d totally be watching a lot of screens. That *may* be how I survived our snowed in week.

  3. PragmaticMom says:

    Wow, you guys are popping out babies left and right over where you are! Impressive! And congrats taking care of all those kids! You totally rock!

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