Big and little and one MELL of a hess.

You think I’d learn.  I already talked about the lentils and their ridiculousness.  Here.

But we’ve been working on big and little.  Daddy has big shoes (no really – size 14/15, dude), LS has little shoes.  Big steps, little steps.  Big bellies, little bellies. (I’ll let you guess who gets to serve as the example of big for THAT one *sigh*. I get no regard, no regard atall.)

I made a matching game that I (surprise, surprise) tape to things.  I printed it on cardstock – he gets the little shapes, and has to find the big partners taped around the house.  No pics – but the pdf is big & little.

A natural extension in my addled brain was measuring cups.  Big and little and pouring and WIN!!

The mistake?  I filled the bowl with a lentil-oats mix for the pouring.  Kid was in LURVE and the concentration was E-P-I-C.

pouring1 pouring2
pouring3 pouring4

I’ll be sweeping lentils from the kitchen floor for the rest of eternity.  Especially because now he asks for his “bowl” at least once a day.

To our darling and patient weekly babysitter – I’m so very, very sorry.

(I’ve heard rumored – thanks mom – that little pastas with a few big pastas mixed in are just as scoopable, and much easier to clean…)

The gals over at #iPPP – they rock. YOU should go check them out. For reals.


21 Comments on “Big and little and one MELL of a hess.”

  1. Kerry B says:

    hahaha that was funny! And the titles and play on words this week are brilliant! babysitter needs a raise 🙂

    • She’s SOOOO awesome. Cute little blonde California girl – I think the LS thinks she’s his girlfriend 🙂 (The mell of a hess is my grandma’s saying – love ya mamaw!!)

  2. gfunkified says:

    Ha! You live and learn and sweep and sweep and sweep!

  3. duckyh says:

    It is fascinating that filling and pouring and refilling is SO much fun. Even at 4, Lil Duck and her preschool friends go gaga over the rainbow rice table where they can fill and pour to their hearts content.

    • That and stickers – infinitely entertaining 🙂 I keep seeing ways to make that rainbow rice, just waiting for the hubs to be outta town before I go to Sam’s Club… *MWAHAHAHA*

  4. You are the best mummy. If this enthusiasm with learning carries over into those day of homework after soccer, football or Lego club — I really will think of you as superstar.

  5. Putting this on the list of things not to do with my two year old 🙂 He does love that kind of project! So cute!

  6. I am lurving this post 🙂 I just want to say I think you are awesome for letting your little man play this way. Some people can’t handle the mess. But, that’s how kids learn, no? And HOLY, size 14/15 is outrageous. my husband wears 13 wide and I thought he had a bigaz foot. Nope, your man’s takes the prize 🙂

  7. Tara says:

    I love the crafts you think up! So great and he obviously LOVES!

  8. Wow, what cool ideas you have (even if you/your babysitter *pays* later on).
    Cute pictures!

  9. PragmaticMom says:

    Little Scientist looks like he is having fun. Maybe a dropcloth below him would help too?

  10. Big and Little pasta is a great idea!!! To bad my son eats uncooked pasta! LOL

  11. Ann says:

    I can almost see his brain expanding from one picture to the next – well worth the mess : )

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