Poop, puke and patience to ring in 2013

Blows dust off keyboard.  *COUGHCOUGHCOUGH* Ok, THAT was a bad idea.

I had SUCH BIG PLANS for the holiday season.  What with the Little Scientist being two and all, this seemed like the first time he would “get it”.  And we DID have SO MUCH FUN:

demanding ALL the hands on an evening walk with the grandparents

demanding ALL the hands on an evening walk with the grandparents

GOTTA work the tongue for proper sugar-cookie testing

GOTTA work the tongue for proper sugar-cookie testing

...and then THIS decoration goes HERE...

…and then THIS decoration goes HERE…

pretty doggone pleased with ourselves :)

pretty doggone pleased with ourselves 🙂

ummmm... what?  Snow? I think you're making that up mom.

ummmm… what? Snow? I think you’re making that up mom.



full disclosure: 3 minutes before mega-meltdown.  But cute nonetheless, eh?

full disclosure: 3 minutes before mega-meltdown. But cute nonetheless, eh?


He also spent a week with a 102+ degree fever.  And a few days cutting a surprise molar.  (I coulda SWORN I counted those teeth 6 months ago and they were all there.  The math teacher can’t count.  Great.) And then there was PUKEMAGGEDON 2012, from which I will mercifully spare you the details.  (One quick tip – layer a mattress with alternating waterproof pads and sheets to improve your 2 am reaction times.  Trust me.  As for poop & puke on matte painted walls and crib bars?  I’m ALL EARS dude, if you’ve got tips… *shudder*)

So this holiday season was a huge lesson in learning to let go of plans.  Of going with the flow.  Of the need for a backup Pedialyte container in the pantry. (Because really, who wants to drag the sick toddler to the store the DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS for pedialyte and crackers?  Apparently me.)

Of appreciating snuggles on the couch when normally the snuggles are drive-by pats on the arm.

So to jump on the “my word for 2013” bandwagon, I’m going with patience.  Because this new year isn’t shaping up to be any LESS exciting than the last few weeks have been.  The baby, a looming move, a husband who’s career is about to hit overdrive (in an exciting but SUPER time-consuming way), and a Master’s thesis to write – all before August.  I’m SO STOKED for what 2013 is bringing us, and so very VERY scared too. So this year I’m going with patience.  With myself, the kid(s), the hubs.

(In full disclosure, chocolate, naps or wine were close runner-ups for word of the year.  Just sayin’.)

Hoping YOU have an awesome and patience-full new year!!


8 Comments on “Poop, puke and patience to ring in 2013”

  1. Ann says:

    Oh boy! You are really right in the thick of it with a toddler, one on the way, work, life, illness! Us NedMomMathFunFans will patiently wait until you have a moment to spare to share! Wishing you health to go with your patience in 2013!!!

  2. K says:

    Poop AND puke on the walls and crib. Holy hell.

    • Yeah. NOT a fun few nights. Personally, I was totally unprepared for how traumatic a 2-year old would find the stomach flu. Although we did finally use up all the waterproof bed pads they sent us home with after he was born – good thing another one’s on the way! Gotta get more of those 😉

  3. PragmaticMom says:

    Sorry to hear about the vomitfest. You made a beautiful gingerbread house! My tip for vomiting is to keep a lined small trash can near the kid at all times and instruct them to vomit into it when he feels the urge. Also, a slice of apple in the can can help to deodorize it even though you cleaned it out and switched out the trash bag. Sorry to hear Mr. Little Scientist was sick but pay now or pay later. He won’t be so sick in the future from this bug.

  4. Vanita says:

    aww sugar so sorry your holiday was interrupted with puking! we had it hear at home too. I was the only one not sick out of the 6 of us, so i got run into the ground…

    • It’s BAD this year. I’ve never been SO thankful I’ve got a teacher’s immune system – but I’m with you on the rundownedness. (It’s a word. Really.) I’ve discovered this winter that I would NOT make a good long-term convalescent nurse. “Suck it up” are three words I think WAAY too often 😉

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