Parkour toddler and Christmas preparations begin.

I didn’t expect the winter (even as mild as it is) to be such a challenge.  But combine the fact that I’m a wimp and my kid needs DAILY outside time (preferably around climbing equipment built for kids twice his size… Oh, my heart.) and you’ve got one bona fide recipe for stir crazy.

But.  This week was sunny and they’d just opened a new skate park on the rich side of town.  (BTW – teen graffiti on the rich kid, city-funded skate park?  HIL-AR-I-OUS.) So without further ado, I bring you: Parkour Toddler.

parkour 01 parkour 02
parkour 03 parkour 04
parkour 05 parkour 06

Oy. Vey.

On a less heart-wrenching note, we’ve also started the holiday decorations in casa Nerdmathfun:

Engineering a solution...

Engineering a solution…

... then THIS goes HERE!

… then THIS goes HERE!

Oooooo PRETTY!!

Oooooo PRETTY!!

Yay, Christmas!!

Yay, Christmas!!

I leave you with my favorite:

One of these things is not like the other :)

One of these things is not like the other 🙂

The ladies at #iPPP are doing some great fall and Christmas stuff too – check ’em out!!