HOW did she get blue eyeshadow in THERE?!?!

I had a cute, no-words post ready for y’all:


On Monday morning we had our 14-week ultrasound.  And the tech nonchalantly said “Oh, THAT’s a girl.”  I SWEAR this is what I then saw on the screen:

Gulp. 🙂

(Maybe one of the awesome #iPPP ladies can teach me about makeup and shoes and stuff… ACK!!)


32 Comments on “HOW did she get blue eyeshadow in THERE?!?!”

  1. 1. you’re hilarious and 2. A GIIIIIIIRL!

  2. vanita says:

    yay! congrats girlfriend! girls/boys they’re just as hard/easy. my teens only wear makeup on special occasion as i do and i know nothing about wearing makeup lol

  3. gfunkified says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! I didn’t even know you were pregnant! Congratulations!! Girls are so fun. I love love love the illustration. HAHA!

    • LOL – in the restaurant biz we call this a “soft open”. Just start talking about being preggo like it’s old news *grin*. Glad you say that – I’m just a touch TERRIFIED. (Between you and me, I think Nerddad is STOKED. So excited. Already wrapped.)

  4. Kerstin says:

    Yay, a girl!
    I have a boy and a girl – and you ARE in for eyeshadow and Justin Bieber, lol.

  5. Yay for a boy and a girl! Yay for you! Plus, you won’t even have to teach her about makeup and girlie stuff, because somehow she’ll just know all about it if she comes out a true Belieber with the heels on. She is sassy, by the way. You’re in trouble.

  6. Tara says:

    Too funny!!! First – congrats!!! I have 2 girls. Love them! They are less rambunctious, but be prepared for crying and emotional tirades. But, so much fun! And – you get to see your little guy be a big brother!

    • That’s good to hear 🙂 The u/s tech noticed how much calmer (read: less spastic) this baby was… Apparently the Little Scientist is a bit of a rambunctious fetus legend in the office 🙂

  7. mamamash says:

    I was wondering if ANYONE was going to have a girl this year. It’s like, a major sausage fest in the uteruses around here. Congrats!

  8. Like Greta – Congratulations. I didn’t know you were expecting. How fun. For me there is a different dynamic between mother/son and mother/daughter. It’s equally wonderful.

    • I kinda slid that post in there like folks would just know… I suck at announcing things 😛 That’s good to hear about diff dynamics… I think Nerddad might be already WRAPPED 🙂

  9. I think that being an artist is your true calling. LOVE the picture- and yeah- I would think the same thing 🙂 Congrats on the pink!

  10. Jaime says:

    How’d I miss the big announcement?! I had no idea you’re pregnant! Congrats!!!

  11. Laurie says:

    Soooo Excited! As I recall, SOMEBODY did figure out how to French braid her own hair tightly and evenly on a daily basis. And one Halloween (at 16) decided to costume up like Barbie with long blonde hair (her own), a pink sweater dress, and 3 inch heels (both also her own)–wish I had gotten some pics of that 6’3″ slender beauty. We won’t even go there on mascara…You’ll do great with a girl–because you won’t get unwound by dirt and messiness. Looking forward to watch the guys in the family with this one!

  12. Oh. My. Vagina…this cracked me up.
    Congrats on the Bieber fan.

  13. Fun (and funny)! I’m far from a girly girl – and it was weird to me when my girls were little that they were naturally girly, but they’re over it now that they’re older 🙂 Congratulations!

  14. Ann says:

    Hahaha! Congrats! So happy for you and your (now complete, as they say) family : )

  15. Kerry B says:

    hahahaha That picture is heeeesterical!

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