HOW did she get blue eyeshadow in THERE?!?!

I had a cute, no-words post ready for y’all:


On Monday morning we had our 14-week ultrasound.  And the tech nonchalantly said “Oh, THAT’s a girl.”  I SWEAR this is what I then saw on the screen:

Gulp. 🙂

(Maybe one of the awesome #iPPP ladies can teach me about makeup and shoes and stuff… ACK!!)


Great Expectations – guest post!!

I’m over at Greta’s awesome website Gfunkified today, talking about my expectations.  There’s poo and boobs and sleepless nights – oh, and fart jokes!  Check it out 🙂

Channeling our inner Salvador Dali

(GAH!! It’s another shirtless-at-the-table post.  I SWEAR ON ALL THINGS HOLY we do stuff in other rooms.  That other rooms EXIST in this house.  And that the boy owns multiple shirts.)

We got the Little Scientist one of those Alex-and-Marie busy boxes last Christmas.  In retrospect, he was more than a BIT young.  But as we head into the Christmas season a year later, we’re finally to the point where he does the crafts with me, instead of drooling on the stickers while I color.  (PS – awesome, awesome materials.  Well made, well packed, blah blah blah.  And they don’t know I exist, so they certainly aren’t paying me to say this.  It’s just good stuff.)

In this activity you take the blobs of imitation play-doh and stick animal heads and legs and tails and stuff (including a disproportionately large cow udder, but THAT’s another post) in to make farm animals.  In my mind the pink blob went with the pig, the white with the cow, and the blue with the blue horse.  Logic, right?

Oh, hell no.

I think we’re renaming the Little Scientist the Little Surrealist:

Silly mom. Horse heads go NEXT to cow legs.

Contemplating the cosmic aura of the horse head. I think. Or pooping. Same face.

The Cig. Or Pow. With 5 legs.

ADAMANT that the blue and white blobs only have one leg apiece. Unlike the pink blob. There was definite strategy… I think. Maybe.

Not surreal? The awesome #iPPP ladies. They’re all kinds of really real. Check ’em out!


Even Little Scientists Get Birthdays :)

2 years ago today we were introduced to our Little Scientist.

In these 731 days (one regular and one leap year, for those checking my math) we have slept so little, worried so much, laughed so hard, and had SO MUCH FUN.

You rock Little Dude.

Happy Birthday.