Halloween pumpkin gutting!

Little Scientist famously hates having messy hands.  HATES.

So what is a logical activity for Halloween, you ask? Pumpkin Cleaning, of course!!

(Poor kid.)

Ummm. Those? Came outta THERE? Yeah, nasomuch. But thanks mom.

You’re SERIOUS about this? REALLY? My hand goes IN there?

Fine. FINE. If you INSIST.


Huh. So this came out of there.


Heheheh. This feels funny.

Inspecting the experiment’s results.

Pontificating on the etymology and historical significance of the pumpkin seed.

It should be noted that he LOVED the final product. Until it molded 3 days later. And mysteriously disappeared.

Happy Halloween from Nerdfamilymathfun!!! 🙂

The ladies at iPPP are some serious awesomesauce. Check ’em out!


17 Comments on “Halloween pumpkin gutting!”

  1. Artchoo says:

    Now. Did you take that opportunity to scrape some mold and teach him about it? I love this; it’s like a great comic book.

    • And this is where my science-y brain falls apart, because EWWWW MOLD!!!! KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT!!!! Snakes? Fine! Bugs? Bring ’em on! Mold? Cannot do it. *ducks head in shame*

      (Thanks – he’s a regular little muppet for me *grin*)

  2. PragmaticMom says:

    Wow, your pumpkin only lasted 3 days before molding! That’s too bad! It seems like your Jack-o-Lantern should have lasted until Halloween. Guess it was the warmer weather?

  3. That’s why we haven’t carved ours yet – we’ll carve this afternoon, put them out tonight, and then be able to ditch them in a couple days! My boys in that stage where he hates anything on his hands, too 🙂 I love the way you told this story!

    • It’s funny, ’cause once he gets over the “SOMETHING is ON my HANDS” moment, he always has a GRAND time… silly kiddo. I had visions of carving multiple pumpkins over the week, but the actual pattern / face carving was waaay more work than I thought it would be… Definitely a rookie mistake. I think we’ll follow your plan and turn this into a Halloween day tradition next time 🙂

  4. bocafrau says:

    Ha ha ha. So cute. It’s funny when kids don’t want to get dirty and are very careful not to… Happy Halloween!!!

  5. I thought they were genetically engineering pumpkins with less gook (or so it seemed) but we got very gooky ones this year. I was in such a rush to have everyone carve theirs I forgot about saving the seeds for roasting. 😦

    • This was my first year as an adult carving, so I’m glad to hear that about the gook!! (I should have video’d the process; no-one tells you just how clean the inside needs to be, so it was such a comedy of errors *snort*.)

  6. You know, I really love your blog. I love it so so so much. I love that you do projects with your kid and I love how they are often messy. You are a wonderful mama 🙂

  7. gfunkified says:

    I don’t like cleaning the pumpkin guts either, but it can be oddly relaxing to squish it between your fingers!

  8. mamamash says:

    He has such a beautifully expressive face. 🙂 The baby, not the pumpkin.

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