Toddler obstacle course

So we’ve been battling the PLAGUE for two weeks in Nerdcasamathfun.

(And by the plague, I mean a cold combined with lots of Dad overtime.  I exaggerate.  It’s what I do.)

So our afternoon structured activities have consisted of a lot of sitting outside in the backyard sunshine and reading our favorite books over and over and overandoveroveroverover.


Last week while I was teaching the Little Scientist discovered the open flat of water bottles and created himself an obstacle course.  Nerddadmathfun said he was entertained forEVER.  We’re talking a half-hour of self-entertainment.  An ETERNITY in toddler time.

Case in point:

the city planner, hard at work

surveying the finished product

And, if you have the time to kill, NDMF took a video of the excitement here: toddler obstacle course.  (You’ll have to excuse the middle camera part – kiddo’s in the “grab your face when I’m talking to you ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION” phase *grin*)

A brief translation – OLLIE means water.  We don’t know why. Just roll with it.

The ladies at #iPPP are still putting up with me – you should go read their Awesome Funnyness.


12 Comments on “Toddler obstacle course”

  1. Laurie says:

    So fun! he chants while moving through the “maze”! I love it!

  2. Suzy says:

    Oh a toddler obstacle course sounds fun! Sorry about the plague though.

    ~visiting from #iPPP~

    • I just love that HE came up with it – self-directed FOR THE WIN.

      (And I’m the worst about having the man-cold, by the way. So I’m sure we just had a little sniffle… But in my brain we were ALL so VERY sick *grin*)

  3. gfunkified says:

    Oh, FUN! Perfect for a rainy day, or out on the driveway. I love anything that the kids can entertain themselves with! Going to watch the video now. 🙂

    • He’s a hoot and a half – the constant self-talk tickles the CRAPP out of me. I just wonder where he came up with the idea… Not like anything I’ve shown him or we can think of from tv – too funny!

  4. PragmaticMom says:

    Nice job Little Scientist!

  5. Ann says:

    Feel better!

    I love how he is so careful passing between the 2 bottles!

  6. mamamash says:

    Cute! My weirdo kid would rather put all the water bottles in a straight line than build an obstacle course. (Which, ok, I can’t stand for things to be asymmetrical either, so it secretly pleases me.)

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