Declaring this the AUTUMN OF THE GOOP!! (microwaving soap)

I might as well.  I mean, DUDE.  Have you SEEN the experiments that we’ve been doing recently?

(And now you all know why I only do toddler crafts. Because my adult crafts turn out EXACTLY the same way as my toddler crafts – but at least here I can blame “learning” and “almost-2” for the mess *evil laugh*)

Today’s science activity is that old workhorse – microwave a bar of Ivory soap on high for 2 minutes. Yes, it has to be Ivory. No, it doesn’t hurt your microwave – although your kitchen does smell fresh and clean for a few hours. (WIN! It’s like when you spray cleaner in the air so guests THINK you cleaned… Wait. You don’t do that? Me neither.)

Unwrapping the bar of soap oh-SO-carefully. We talked about how it felt (slippery and hard), the box-like shape, the smell…

…THE TASTE?!?!?! I swear I didn’t know this was coming. Was trying to snap a pic of the sniffing. THAT’s gonna be a fun diaper.

Not so sure we approve of what’s going on in the microwave right now.

It really does blow up this big… And a big chunk fell off in the microwave!! FYI – when you open the door, give it 30 seconds or so to cool to the touch.

Mom. Do you SEE this? MOMmomMOMmomMOM.

Re-enacting how big it got in the microwave. Ok, you caught me: I just want to prove to anyone who reads on a regular basis that I DO PUT CLOTHES ON THE BOY. Really.

Little Scientist DON’T… ah, well. Nevermind.


Now explaining to me JUST HOW BIG the mess is. As if it sprang fully-formed out of my forehead. *facepalm*

But at least we’ve got him trained well *grin*.

As always – the ladies at #ippp are awesome. And haven’t kicked me out yet *grin*. Check ’em out!


25 Comments on “Declaring this the AUTUMN OF THE GOOP!! (microwaving soap)”

  1. Love the microwaving Ivory soap experiment- we couldn’t get enough of it. And it is VERY messy. You’re lucky you got some sweeping help.

  2. gfunkified says:

    Oh, we love your link-ups! I’ll say it again. He is Too.Cute.For.Words. I wish I would teach my kids stuff. I need to pin your posts and try them. How much fun would that be??

  3. Kerstin says:

    I came home from work one day and my kids told me that when you microwave gummibears they melt into the plate and you end up having to throw out the plate…. how did they know? Well, they did a little experiment while I was at work…. 🙂

  4. PragmaticMom says:

    This looks less messy than the last goop experiment and more fun! I saw that on Pinterest … now I’m curious to try. I wonder why it has to be Ivory. Who thought of this idea? I’d never in a million years think to microwave soap!!

  5. Are you serious?!?! Oh these are FANTASTIC- I loved your post last week and this one is even better. My boys will want to move into your house, are you ok with that?? 🙂 I’m socking this trick away for a rainy day. Literally.

  6. Tracy says:

    I saw this on Pinterest! So excited to try it- so random and bizarre!

  7. Mama Pants says:

    I just love how you do these amazing things with him 🙂 I love getting ideas from you!

  8. mamamash says:

    Yay! It’s The Professor! I look forward to seeing him (pants optional) every week. I’m glad you tried the Ivory experiment. I think it’s neat that it blows up but I’m not a fan of the aftermess.

    • Aw – thanks 🙂 Glad the dorkiness isn’t TOO overbearing! Didn’t really expect this one to work so well / hold attention as long as it did – but I’ll take it!! (Next time I mop floors AFTER, not before, though…)

  9. I have never heard of such a thing. My 8 yo would freak. I’ll have to save this for a rainy day when they are out of school. That was pretty cool. But a bit scary how big it gets. Were you scared?

  10. Ann says:

    Neato!!! I wonder if you can use the puffy soap for something after…

  11. Tara says:

    So cute! I had no idea. Why does it pop up that big? Does it have to do with all the air bubbles in Ivory?

  12. Okay, I’ve got some Ivory in the house right now! I think I’ll be trying this tomorrow! I love these kinds of experiments – except the clean up, but I find it’s usually worth it. My husband doesn’t feel the same way – haha. Have you tried whipping up some shaving cream & food colouring and letting them paint in the bath or shower? That’s tons of fun too!
    (Visiting from #iPPP)

    • Ooooh – I haven’t tried that one since he was itty bitty; and stupid mom, just dunked his hands in it for him. TRAUMA. I bet he’d LOVE it now with a stick or sponge painter… *saves idea for rainy day* Thanks!!

  13. Charity says:

    You even taught him stuff, not me. I was too excited to see if it would work. I was thrilled at how easy it swept up 🙂

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