Halloween pumpkin gutting!

Little Scientist famously hates having messy hands.  HATES.

So what is a logical activity for Halloween, you ask? Pumpkin Cleaning, of course!!

(Poor kid.)

Ummm. Those? Came outta THERE? Yeah, nasomuch. But thanks mom.

You’re SERIOUS about this? REALLY? My hand goes IN there?

Fine. FINE. If you INSIST.


Huh. So this came out of there.


Heheheh. This feels funny.

Inspecting the experiment’s results.

Pontificating on the etymology and historical significance of the pumpkin seed.

It should be noted that he LOVED the final product. Until it molded 3 days later. And mysteriously disappeared.

Happy Halloween from Nerdfamilymathfun!!! 🙂

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Toddler obstacle course

So we’ve been battling the PLAGUE for two weeks in Nerdcasamathfun.

(And by the plague, I mean a cold combined with lots of Dad overtime.  I exaggerate.  It’s what I do.)

So our afternoon structured activities have consisted of a lot of sitting outside in the backyard sunshine and reading our favorite books over and over and overandoveroveroverover.


Last week while I was teaching the Little Scientist discovered the open flat of water bottles and created himself an obstacle course.  Nerddadmathfun said he was entertained forEVER.  We’re talking a half-hour of self-entertainment.  An ETERNITY in toddler time.

Case in point:

the city planner, hard at work

surveying the finished product

And, if you have the time to kill, NDMF took a video of the excitement here: toddler obstacle course.  (You’ll have to excuse the middle camera part – kiddo’s in the “grab your face when I’m talking to you ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION” phase *grin*)

A brief translation – OLLIE means water.  We don’t know why. Just roll with it.

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Fraction guest post :)

Can you BELIEVE it?!?! @PragmaticMom ASKED me to write about fractions. On. Purpose.

Quick, go read it! Before she realizes the error of her ways 😉

Fractions in Everyday Activities

Have a great week!!


Shaving cream finger paint. Because I know you really come here for pictures of the cute kiddo, not my scintillating insights…

Declaring this the AUTUMN OF THE GOOP!! (microwaving soap)

I might as well.  I mean, DUDE.  Have you SEEN the experiments that we’ve been doing recently?

(And now you all know why I only do toddler crafts. Because my adult crafts turn out EXACTLY the same way as my toddler crafts – but at least here I can blame “learning” and “almost-2” for the mess *evil laugh*)

Today’s science activity is that old workhorse – microwave a bar of Ivory soap on high for 2 minutes. Yes, it has to be Ivory. No, it doesn’t hurt your microwave – although your kitchen does smell fresh and clean for a few hours. (WIN! It’s like when you spray cleaner in the air so guests THINK you cleaned… Wait. You don’t do that? Me neither.)

Unwrapping the bar of soap oh-SO-carefully. We talked about how it felt (slippery and hard), the box-like shape, the smell…

…THE TASTE?!?!?! I swear I didn’t know this was coming. Was trying to snap a pic of the sniffing. THAT’s gonna be a fun diaper.

Not so sure we approve of what’s going on in the microwave right now.

It really does blow up this big… And a big chunk fell off in the microwave!! FYI – when you open the door, give it 30 seconds or so to cool to the touch.

Mom. Do you SEE this? MOMmomMOMmomMOM.

Re-enacting how big it got in the microwave. Ok, you caught me: I just want to prove to anyone who reads on a regular basis that I DO PUT CLOTHES ON THE BOY. Really.

Little Scientist DON’T… ah, well. Nevermind.


Now explaining to me JUST HOW BIG the mess is. As if it sprang fully-formed out of my forehead. *facepalm*

But at least we’ve got him trained well *grin*.

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