Gel beads (or how we learned to love messy hands)

2 bonus points for everyone who got the Strangelove reference *dorkDORKdork alert*

I keep reading about these magical-wonderful-amazeballs gel beads that you can get at the craft store, in the floral section:

One of the 4 packets I got for $2 each –  at this point I’m not ENTIRELY convinced the tablespoon of beads will soak up ALL THE WATER. I remember sea monkeys, jerks. You can’t trick me twice.

With a little help (and a large dose of the skepticism you might have sensed above), I poured the beads in the water and set it on the counter overnight…

The good news? We only lost a few to the tile. The bad news? My bare feet found every. single. one.


They didn’t change color / container by magic – this is the pink and purple batch. Somehow I didn’t take pictures of the clear batch when complete. **facepalm**

So 4 packets swollen up and poured in a 3 gallon bucket looks like this:

Next time? Bigger bucket, same amount of beads. This was just BEGGING for dumping on the floor.

And an almost-2-year-old who normally hates messy hands but ADORES water beads looks like this:


Pushing the beads through a “tunnel”. Notice the omnipresent stick.

I don’t know, where IS my hand? *giggle*


5 Comments on “Gel beads (or how we learned to love messy hands)”

  1. ProfMomEsq says:

    “I remember sea monkeys you jerks” – HA! This looks like SOOOOO much fun! What a great idea. Consider it stolen. πŸ˜‰

  2. PragmaticMom says:

    I had no idea that you could make water beads!!! How easy are they to smush into oblivion?

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