Aaaaand sometimes the experiments DON’T work.

Background:  The pin on Pinterest said “mix equal parts clear glue and liquid starch to make goop”.  And who can turn down 2-ingredient GOOP?!?! So the first time we tried this, we used store-bought liquid starch, and it worked like a charm.  Equal parts slimy and goopy and cool.  Held together in a big slimy ball, stretched into slimy clear sheets – Awesome McAwesomeness.

EXCEPT.  I couldn’t find unscented liquid starch, and bought fresh linen scent instead.  3.4 minutes into the goopification, my nose was running and head pounding.  ABORT MISSION!!

So I read somewhere else that cornstarch mixed in water makes perfect, unscented liquid starch.  So what you are about to witness is the second attempt at making goop.

The ingredients. A nicely staged picture before this turned into the experiment from hell.

Mixing the cornstarch and water. Shirtless. SO PREPARED.


Explaining the theory of all the things.

It would appear gloopification has commenced…

…so we powdered the table. Not crazy about this part, and all the mess. But dealing.

Ummm… Mom? This isn’t GLOOP? It’s GLOP! AND ITS ON MY ARM!!!


You’re really going to make me play in this, aren’t you. *sigh*

So our learnings from this:

  • liquid starch and cornstarch + water are not equal.  Not even close.
  • the Little Scientist still hates having messy hands.
  • messy hands covered in cornstarch and glue take 15 minutes of sink time to clean.
  • a table / high chair / floor covered in cornstarch and glue takes 20 minutes to make bearable.  It’s still not clean.
  • math time: 20 minute activity, 35 minutes of clean-up.  Ew.


I linked up this week to the #iPPP group – you should check them out!


19 Comments on “Aaaaand sometimes the experiments DON’T work.”

  1. gfunkified says:

    That is the cutest failed experiment I’ve ever seen! I’ve done the glue, borax and water (I believe it was) slime-making and that turned out awesome mcawesomesauce, too.

  2. PragmaticMom says:

    Oohh. So sorry about the massive clean up time. I was nervous to try those goop recipes for the same reason. We love the baking soda with colored white vinegar if you want another fun one with easy clean up.

  3. I hear you with the unfair time to play v. time to clean ratio. One of my boys will barely poke his finger in the fingerpaint, his twin will practically slather his body if I don’t intervene, and my oldest will do an average job. I don’t know if I’m as brave as you thought to bust out the corn syrup… that could take me a really long time to clean up!

  4. Mama Pants says:

    I LOVE bthat you blogged a failed Pinterest pin! Love love love! My friends and I are always joking about how we could start a whole blog based soley on our failed craft and recipe attempts lol.

    Loved this.

  5. amandaeaustin says:

    AHAHA. AHAHAHAHA! Sorry, but that’s EXACTLY what my little guy would be doing, too. THERE IS GLOP ON MY ARM! Oh Pinterest, you are such a liar.

  6. All I can say is you are a saint of a mom. I’ve gone lots of places for my kids — but making goop — even a failed attempt. No thank you. What a precious little guy. Mine are precious too. But goop precious. Nope.

  7. duckyh says:

    That is exactly how MINE would’ve turned out too. I’m notorious for substituting ingredients when I can not find what I need….which is 90% of the time. I too have a “no messy hands!” kid. Although she seems to be getting much better with it. The pictures are adorable! Think of the memories. 😀

  8. mamamash says:

    AAAACK. The mess. I’ll just buy my gloop prepackaged, thanks. You are brave. 🙂

  9. ProfMomEsq says:

    Oh. Em. Gee! Look at all these people reading your blog who aren’t your mom! Failed experiment = yay, blog readers! Woot! (That, and some ADORABLE photos …) 😉

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