A few concurrent situations have been going on in Nerdhomemathfun:

  • the 4-6 pm WITCHING HOUR. Holy CRAPP. Both the Little Scientist and I turn into screaming banshees for two hours after nap.
  • a surge in preschool conversations at the playground. Who’s signing up for what, where and when. I know that we’re probably not doing formal preschool (at least for now) for fiscal reasons… And because I’m having WAY too much fun with my almost-2-year-old. Note: I reserve the right to change THAT opinion on an hourly basis.
  • the amazing Diana over at Hormonal Imbalances has started blogging about home(pre)school. And while I will nevereverever be as organized as her, a girl can hope / admire / emulate.


So here’s what I’m thinking: most days from 4-5:30 or 6, the LS & I are going to try to have a kind of structured activity time. (My hope too is that this helps prevent those days – that happen too often – where we get to bedtime and all the running we did all day was adult errands.)

Today, the inaugural day of Nerdschoolmathfun, we:

  • fingerpainted (my autocorrect wants that to be fingerPRINTED. Doh.) for almost half-an-hour!!
  • made and played with paint bags (pics below)
  • played a hand-over-hand rope pulling game
  • went outside and ran up and down our alphabet fence
  • picked puffball dandelions and practiced blowing them off
  • called Auntie K (hiiiiii!)
  • unloaded the dishwasher (his “chore” along with sweeping)

My fave moment was when we were sitting outside & LS wanted his water bottle. He ran to get it, drank, stood and thought, grabbed MY water bottle and brought it to me. *MELTS* (That he then proceeded to dump water on my lap doesn’t negate the sweet intention, right?)

I welcome any and ALL ideas for how to make this time better for us both!!


Blobs of fingerpaint in a ziploc baggie, squeeze out the air and tape to a window. Will hold a letter or shape “drawn” in the goo for 5-10 minutes!


Explaining things to me. All the things.


4 Comments on “Preschool?”

  1. First of all, I love the word ‘concurrent’. Second of all, witching hours make me want to cry, so I really think you are smart to structure them. Do you eat dinner later? Or are you so dinner-organized that it’s just ready to go? that’s my problem. I start dinner at about 4, right when little wee one gets all needy and whiny.

    • We eat dinner late, around 7… Although I haven’t found a cooking solution that doesn’t involve propping the toddler in front of some electronic device. What do you DO with a 2 year old when the kitchen is kinda dangerous? (Not a rhetorical question… Help!!)

  2. Ann says:

    I love the paint bag idea!!! I can’t wait to try that!

    Only think I can come up with right now is to have another baby. My kids are 2.4 years apart and the play great together!

    • We love our paint bags… Although the paint does get weird & bubbly in the sun after a few days (fingerpaint wine, anyone? Blech.)

      Will have to talk to the hubs about your solution – but sounds great to me 😉

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