(Second try) Today: Rocks and Sticks and Letters, oh my!

You know how sometimes you can write something GREAT?!?! And just as you’re editing the last picture to put in the most hilarious, well-written post in the history of blogs, your computer dies and you lose it?  Yeah.  This is the post AFTER that post.

So we’ve moved into the toddler stage where the Little Scientist needs to have something in his hands at ALL times.  Usually this manifests itself as stick and rock gathering, particularly as we head into fall and spend a MILLION hours a day trail walking.  (What?  It’s free!  And exercise!  And did I mention FREE?!)  A brief overview of the last few weeks:

So today, when he demanded to bring a blue plastic cup in the car, I assumed it was to fulfill this hand-full need. Wrong.  He wanted to GATHER ROCKS.  Mechanical advantage, FTW.

See that giant field of rocks? 3 rocks made the cut. 3. Discerning toddler, he is. And Yoda am I, apparently.

And then, to melt me into a puddle of goo, he spent the post-walk drive to the store “counting” his treasure. Not with real words or numbers, but with definitive purpose.

“zsa Zsa ZSA!” For some reason my son counts like he’s the missing Gabor sister. I have no explanation.

Which brings me to our pre-lunch home activity. He’s been identifying numbers and letters in environmental print now for a week or two. I catch him “reading” all manners of things – his wall paper, his socks, the lettered bum of the sorority girl at the mall… (sorry ma’am. He was reading, not feeling you up. Promise.)

So while we were outside, I wrote part of the alphabet “life-sized” on the back fence. I figured the whole thing would be a bit overwhelming. And I ran out of orange chalk. And my arm got tired. The result:

Holy crapp, does my lawn need to be mowed! Who’s in charge of that around here? *crickets* Right… *blush*


(for size comparison, the kid is 3 feet tall)

And then he had to make some letters of his own:

Good times. Now to find some more orange chalk…

I linked up to the #iPPP group this week – you (yes, YOU) should go check out their Awesome McAwesomeness.


22 Comments on “(Second try) Today: Rocks and Sticks and Letters, oh my!”

  1. Laurie says:

    Huge letters–amazing! As for the stick carrying–I’m wondering if it’s a little boy thing…By the way, this little scientist’s mother would never have stopped at 3 small rocks–she went for the large rocks and sneakily put them in my purse to get them home!

  2. Whitney says:

    Who really needs L-Z? Wait till the rocks start ending up in your washing machine!! Just to give you a heads up, Pat is still collecting rocks AND sticks!!

  3. PragmaticMom says:

    I love your alphabet fence!!! So fun!

  4. gfunkified says:

    Holy cow, he’s a cutie! I just love the excitement over the giant fence letters. What a great idea!

    P.S. Does he speak softly? Because he carries big sticks.

  5. Kerry B says:

    That is awesome!! i totally want to find a place for life size alphabets!!! Brilliant. adn what a cutie patootie!

  6. mamamash says:

    Great idea! We’re learning the letters here too, he can say them all very well but not always recognize them. He likes to sing the song though. (Also, I fell over laughing at the Zsa Zsa comment.)

    • Good times!! If you have any sensory alphabet books you like, I’m all ears 🙂

      Aside: I was BLOWN AWAY when I heard other versions of the alphabet song (like alpha pig on super why, or the biscuit brothers version on iTunes). NEVER occurred to me you could sing different tunes.

  7. Julia says:

    I have one about that age and this post reminded me so much of him. It’s a great age isn’t it?

  8. The alphabet on the fence, that made me laugh. Too funny and clever. I’ve about seen it all — with the internet’s help — but that is a new one for me. And I forgot about them having to carry things around. My now 19 year old it was crayons some days and hot wheels the next. Our eight year old is still into rocks. They come home in his book bag. Makes me crazy.

    • I regularly think about how lucky I am to have internet resources / ideas / other creative folks come up with stuff! I know my mom had books and books of toddler & little kid activities – but I’ve got GOOGLE *cue evil laugh*!!

      Aside: 8 & 19 must keep you BUSYBUSYBUSY! *tip of the coffee cup in your direction*

  9. Ann says:

    Very entertaining (lawn, crickets, funny!)

    Trails, great idea!

  10. Christine says:

    His excitement over the letters is precious. I forgot about that phase where they have to have something in each hand. With my son it was trucks. He loved his trucks.

    • We haven’t gotten to the truck phase yet, although he is INCREDIBLY excited about motorcycles. The sound, the look – can’t CONTAIN himself when they drive by.

      My heart already hurts.

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