Today’s my birthday.  32.  And when you’re born on 8-8-80, 8 is de facto the BEST NUMBER IN THE WORLD.  Really, really.  But I got to thinking this morning: 32 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2, or 2 to the 5th power.

Ironically, Friday is my (our) 5th wedding anniversary too.  So I decided that 5 is the magic number this year, supplanting 8 for the FIRST TIME EVER. ::gasp::

Seemingly unrelated, but relevant – I don’t do New Year’s resolutions.  Since I was 8 (see, magic number), I do birthday resolutions.  Because it’s MY new year starting today.  Usually they’re “to do” resolutions instead of “to stop” resolutions.  You know, work on active listening.  Be more present playing with the kiddo.  Schtuff like that. Things to work on to be a better human.

The better human part is important.  I’ve been saddened to the bone by the last year – Trayvon Martin, Colorado, Wisconsin, a political cycle so angry and full of hate.  So. Much. Hate.  But I am so very, very blessed.

So in the interest of keeping myself honest and accountable I’m telling you – my New Year’s resolution this year is to do 5 things to share those blessings each week.  5 concrete acts of being a nicer, better, more giving and FORgiving person.  Not necessarily big or little or expensive or free – but 5 things I would not have done automatically the week before my birthday.

So happy birthday and anniversary to me!  I’m irrationally excited about my plan.  Maybe because it feels like I’m doing something to actively push back against the badness.  Maybe because the tears in the voice of the friend to whom I delivered meals today told me I’d made a difference to her.  Maybe because we’re supposed to be doing good things for each other as part of a society.

(Oh, and you’re welcome for not making this post about how 32 can be written as 8 to the 5/3 power.  *grin*)