Toddler travel card… a short post.

So the Little Scientist and I are travelling in August.  By plane.  Ack.

We traveled a lot when he was little, stopping right around the time he started walking.  So this will be the first trip we’ve taken where he is fully & independently mobile.

This is me, terrified.  For real – I wake up in cold sweats envisioning him running off across tarmacs and disappearing forever.

So I made a card to attach to his waistband – a travel card if you will. (And please don’t ask me if I’ve already used a sharpie to identify him on all his diapers.  You know the answer.)

Thought I’d share.

Happy travels!


4 Comments on “Toddler travel card… a short post.”

  1. Ann says:

    I know what you mean! I went to FL to see my parents a couple times when my daughter was a baby but haven’t been since my son was born (he is 4 now) because I have nightmares about the stroller breaking or other worse things!

    I’m sure your trip will be fine. I am definitely planning a trip this coming year!

    • Thanks for the positive vibes… I definitely should have appreciated more traveling with a non-mobile child! We’re fast approaching when we have to buy him his own ticket, age-wise… Gotta get another trip in while it’s cheap!

  2. Laurie says:

    So writing on the diaper was one I never came up with–dad thought it was a great idea! Wishing you safe and uneventful travels!

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