Math websites – for fun & for homework help

(Stop laughing.  Math websites = fun.  Really really!!  Of course, I’m also a HUGE bore at cocktail parties, so my definition of fun might be SLIGHTLY warped.)

For homework help:

  • – this is the free companion site to go with Pearson textbooks.  If you / your child happens to be using Pearson, AWESOME.  If not, there’s a by-topic index to help you find practice problems and examples for your kind of material.  Not much stuff for the early grades here, but great on middle school through most college maths!
  • – Dr. Math tackles common questions, from adding and subtracting positives / negatives through calculus.  Because it’s question based, it’s not topic-comprehensive, but I’ve always thought the explanations are super-clear and easy to follow.  They will answer submitted questions as well, but I have not tried this, so have no information on the speed of response.
  • – a collection of over 3,000 lectures / videos on a variety of education topics – GREAT for the aural learner… Collection gets added to regularly, and math topics start all the way back at basic arithmetic.
  • – not so much a “help-me-learn” site as a “check-my-answer” site.  Great for checking homework when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to refresh yourself on the topic-of-the-day.  (I find it’s more helpful in the K-8 stuff than the higher stuff like Calc, but their Trig section is pretty good.)

Games & activities & articles

  • (math) – A great (vetted) resource for online activities, information on milestones and developmentally appropriate skills / expectations.  Also a good way to link in some characters the kiddos recognize.  Definitely preschool / early school age focused.
  • – originally a homeschooling resource, now grown into more of a clearinghouse of materials / lesson plans.  Again, games and activities lend themselves much better to skill drill than to some of the higher level (high school) curriculum, but I love how they tie activities / worksheets to current events & holidays.  Do be aware that the right sidebar is ad-heavy, though many of the ads look like more worksheets and activities.
  • (free section) – a full membership to edhelper is paid, but each month they make some printable worksheets available for free.  Not always the most engaging, but great for skill practice in the arithmetic years.
  • (parent section) – NCTM is the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics; the parent section is a glut of homework help websites, articles on how to help your kid (any age) be successful in math, and current trends / events in the world of math.  If you have time to spare, the general NCTM site is a wealth of teaching knowledge, and worth perusing.

6 Comments on “Math websites – for fun & for homework help”

  1. Great collection of links. I am a huge fan of Khan Academy. They seem to have really nailed the effective aspects of teaching through video. Even with a college degree I still find myself using it!

  2. Ann says:

    Great resource! Oh I would so much rather meet up with you at a cocktail party than, I don’t know, someone else. Haven’t been to many cocktail parties lately! Going to check out some of these – like the idea of the videos – I would like to freshen up on math.

  3. Laurie says:

    What a fun batch of websites–definitely need to do some bookmarking!!
    Here is one out of Iowa State that I’ve used–definitely an Early Childhood focus (big surprise!). I especially like the “Math Fingerplays, Rhymes and Verses”.

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