Seven (and an… award?)

What?!?!?  Someone other than mom (Hi mom!! Love you!!) READS this?  Wow.

First, of all, THANK YOU to ProfMomEsq for the shout-out! (Do we still say shout-out?  No?  Dammit!  There go my cool credentials…)  Her blog is everything I hope to be someday.  Funny – my GOODNESS, how funny!  Honest, and so very, very well-written.  I could write for paragraphs on how well written, but then I think: “Would ProfMomEsq write for paragraphs on that?” No?  Than I won’t either.  (Also – wish I could take one of this lady’s classes – bet she’s a HOOT.)

Now: My seven facts:

Fact 1) My mom had a crush on my dad in 6th grade.  Ok, so it’s not really about me, but HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!  She had just switched schools, he was the non-paste eater the next table over… Love at first sight.  Only, not really.  If you look at mom’s senior yearbook, dad wrote that “she needed to bring that college boy she was going to meet home for his approval”.  Well played, dad.  Well played.

Fact 2) I went to a boarding school for junior and senior year of high school.  A co-ed, for-geeks-only (I know: surprise, surprise) boarding school.  And yet, my first drinking experience was in COLLEGE.  I may hypothetically have held a roommate’s hair while she puked, or hypothetically bought said roommate a fifth of Bacardi Limon for her 18th birthday – but I was always too much of a scaredy-cat to actually drink myself.  (What if they find out?!?!  What if I get in TROUBLE?!?!  The statute of limitations is past on the buying of alcohol offense, right? OH GOD, are those sirens I hear outside?!?!)  There you have me in a nutshell.  A geeky, nervous, somewhat-rebellious-but-only-vicariously geek.  Yeah, I said geek twice.  It’s that bad.

Fact 3) The winter before my 21st birthday, my parents moved across the country.  (Here’s how that phone convo went:

  • Dad – Honey, I think you should come home for Thanksgiving.
  • Me – Dad, I’ve been out of the house for 4 years / I’ll come home for Christmas / waiting tables is lucrative over the holiday weekend / blah blah blah
  • Dad – I don’t think you understand.  Come home over Thanksgiving to pack your sh*t, because when you come home for Christmas we’ll be living 12 hours away.
  • Me – oooooooookay.  *books flight*

So when I turned 21, I had to go to where my parents now lived to get an updated drivers license.  My plan: get a 6-pack at the store, get carded, giggle, go home, drink.  My mother’s plan: take me and my father out for (wait for it…) free country line-dancing lessons at a local bar.  So we go out.  HOWEVER, what the parentals failed to take note of was the *ahem* change in clientele at said bar around 10 pm.  When the dance floor began to fill with well-groomed men who had rhythm and dance MOVES, we all came to the realization (at varying speeds, bless dad’s heart) that we were sitting in a gay bar.  A gay bar with free country line-dancing lessons.  BEST. 21ST. BIRTHDAY. STORY. EVERY.

Fact 4) Not only did I ask my now-husband out first, technically I proposed to him.  Let me set the scene:  We’ve been together 3 years.  We’ve lived together for 2.5 of those 3 years.  Our parents have met, our siblings have met.  We’ve holiday’d at one another’s familial homes.  The big lug and I are driving to the outlet mall, when the conversation goes like this:

  • Hubs:  So I was thinking about our 5-year plan.  (Sidebar – he uses the “our” to flatter me.  There is little “our” to the plan.  I very rarely plan what I’m doing in half and hour.  Much less in 5 years.)
  • Me: We have a 5-year plan?  Are we going to be together in 5 years?
  • Hubs: Uh, I kinda thought so…
  • Me: So are we making this official?  I could really use health insurance, btw…
  • Hubs: Did you just propose to me?
  • Me: Depends… Are you saying yes?

So we bought a ring at the outlet mall.  (From the second store we went to.  Because the first lady was convinced that I wanted a solitaire.  Which I didn’t, as a working engineer, because anything sticking up off of my hand would get caught in the machine.  She didn’t believe me… Weird.)  We also waited almost 18 months to get married – but mostly because of our weird work schedules.  Because taking time off for the wedding would have been… inconvenient?  Huh.  Writing that makes it seem a little weirder than it felt at the time.

Fact 5) I have had a lot (LOT) of jobs.  I’ve been a nanny (twice), a waitress, a bartender, a line cook, an office manager, an HTML website coder, a vacuum-cleaner filter tester (the ones on the shelves that say “Arm & Hammer” – those got tested by meeee!!) a hospital financials straightener-outer, a corporate software license tracker-downer, a grad assistant, a standardized test developer, a printing factory quality manager, a high school teacher, and a community college instructor.  I think that’s all of them. (Update – I only had to add to the list once… Ok, twice.)  Ironically, after my current job (LOVEloveLOVEloveLOVE teaching at a juco), I REALLY enjoyed restaurant work.  Really, really.  Am trying to convince the hubs that we should do something in restaurants in our retirement… not sure he’s buying what I’m selling – but we’ll get there *grin*.

Fact 6) I cannot match colors.  I know some folks out there say things like that as self-deprecation, but I truly DO NOT understand what makes two colors elicit “you look nice today” while two other colors bring “are you going to wear that OUT?”.  So deep is my non-understanding of these things that I spent a full school year (grade 7, in fact) wearing head-to-toe gothic black.  Not because I WAS goth, mind you (I listened to country and watched PG movies for Pete’s sake) but because I never had to worry about whether my outfit matched.  Nowadays?  Let’s just say that bless the hub’s heart, after 10 years the illusion is gone – he’ll pick out what I should wear to a function without me asking.  And I love him for that.

Fact 7) I scared TO DEATH of what will happen next August when I finally finish my Master’s degree.  I’ve been in school since 1985, in college since 1998.  What on earth will I do without homework?!?!?  It seems silly, but I’m really kind of worried.  I’d like to think that part of what makes me an empathetic and effective teacher is that I’m still a student too – so I have no illusions about “optional” homework getting done, or procrastination on projects.  Because I still fight those same battles myself.  What if I lose touch with that part of teaching?  ::worried:: (OK, so that one’s not really a fun fact so much as what’s on my mind right now.  You want a fun fact?  How about this – despite the fact that I thought in my early 20’s that I’d never have kids, it took us exactly 14 days of trying to get the Little Scientist.  14 days.  I think the hubs might have felt cheated a bit on that one.  What – TMI?  Sorry – back to my worried, soon-to-be-non-student brain *grin*)

Now, here’s the hard part.  I’m such a newbie blogger that I’m not sure how this works *blush*.  So I’m going to nominate the seven blogs that make me excited every time I see a new post.  If you’re not into the whole “seven facts” thing, or the chain-letter aspect of this part, no response needed – just bask in the *love*, and know that I really appreciate your writing – I hope I’m more like you guys every post!

  • Artchoo: If I had an ounce of the creativity that runs through Jeanette Nyberg, I’d have… an ounce of creativity.  But that’s not the point.  I don’t NEED that ounce, because of all the wonderful stuff she shares on this blog.  Things to do, places to go, wonders to see – my kid thanks you.  Because even I admit that fractions all the time might be overkill, but need some help getting to the other fun stuff.
  • Butterfly Confessions: THIS.  Real and raw – I respect the hell out of Addye, and admire her writing, her art, and her guts most of all.  She inspires me to be more honest with myself and the folks around me, she makes me think and she makes me laugh.
  • Doodles & Jots: I never knew I liked birds until this blog.  I also had never considered getting myself ready for the day BEFORE waking the family up (makes sense, right?  Hit me like a lead balloon.  Ow.  But life-changing.)  Every one of Anntrea’s post is a little nugget of something – something to think about, something to do with the kiddo, something to do.  Love it.
  • With a Lil’ Love & Luck: Lyndsay writes about her life like the girlfriend you’ve had since grammar school.  So in-the-moment… and her kiddo is the same age as mine, so I very much appreciate how hard documenting this stuff can be.  She’s also waaay more crafty than I am – can I be you when I grow up Lyndsay?
  • Office Crush: Like chocolate marshmallow treats for your brain.  So much fun to read, and the cliffhangers?  My lands!  *pins and needles*
  • Reading & Chickens: Ok, so Shalini writes this one too, and this shouldn’t really count – but it was my VERY FIRST BLOG EVER.  Yes, I just yelled that – but the kiddo never sleeps, so it’s ok.  I found this on a google search for… crapp, I don’t remember.  I was up at 3am, rocking a newborn and trying to stay awake on my phone – and there it was.  I know her page views shot up, like, 14 million that night – sorry S.  Not trying to stalk you.  Just revelling in the awesomeness.
  • Yeah, Good Times:  Jill says the things that I wish I was funny enough to think of, and brave enough to say.  Her awesome drawings / stick figures?  Icing on the proverbial cake.  So. Much. Cake.

Why are you still reading this – go!  GO! Read something funny written by someone more creative!!  I gave you 7 awesome options above!! (Oh, and thanks for reading *grin*)


11 Comments on “Seven (and an… award?)”

  1. ProfMomEsq says:

    First of all — Hi, nerdmommathfun’s mom! Look! An award!! (But you’re probably used to these things with her, aren’t you?)

    Second of all — Yay, you! Now pimp the heck out of this sucker on Twitter. 😉

    Your parents have a great meet-cute story. I like it. You have no idea how much I wish I’d been at your 21st birthday party – if only to see the look on your dad’s face when the lightbulb (or disco glitter ball) came on. We share the long-resume thing, although none of my jobs have been capable of a description nearly as interesting as “hospital financials straightener-outer.” I’m with you about the school thing – COMPLETELY. You’ll be fine. Trust me – you don’t forget what it’s like to be a student. As you know, they *always* remind you!

    Now I’m off to check out these blogs you’ve nominated here. They look fun!

    • Laurie says:

      Woohoo! Thanks ProfMomEsq–I’ve seen her stump elementary teachers with her math solutions and observed her field engineering skills in kindergarten (just looked for the dirtiest child at the end of the day!) That one never did like “standing outside the fire”…

      • I would like to interject that I TRIED to stay clean… the time you sent me to kindergarten in a dress for picture I even sat on my coat on the playground while we dug our holes to China!!

        Dirt just finds me, man. 😉

    • Mom threatened to send dad to the bar to get a drink without enlightening him… see if we could get our drinks for free 😀

  2. Laurie says:

    Oh my! and all the family secrets revealed….not too damaging, though! Definitely chuckling about the memories shared. I do think I’ll be checking out some of these other bloggers!

  3. ProfMomEsq says:

    You two need to write a blog together. Reading this comment exchange was just as much fun as the seven facts!

  4. Laurie says:

    I would SO get into trouble with the tales I’d tell…like the time some kindergartner taught “Bubba” to write his nickname…much to the teacher’s significant annoyance!

  5. Ann says:

    So flattered! Thanks for including me in your nomination list! This was fun to read! The 21st birthday story – so funny!!!

  6. Those are some seriously interesting tidbits about you! Just reading your list of jobs already made me tired lol! Congrats on your award!

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