The dads I know are mathematically cooler than yours.

You might try to argue – but it’s a mathematical fact.  Science will not be trifled with!

Take, for example, my own dad (who upon pain of releasing my own middle-school pictures, put the kibosh on any pics of him that were not Little Scientist related.  Touchè, dad, touchè. Know that there are a few involving a perm in the early 80’s, and a wedding pic involving a baby blue tuxedo that you are all missing out on.):

Proper instruction in nap-taking techniques


the patented baby-football-carry

First baseball game – either teething or anticipating hot dog deliciousness… or both. Kiddo, not dad. Dad wasn’t teething.

Showing off the park to Papaw. Talking a mile-a-minute. No, NO-ONE knew what he was saying. Yes, dad faked it LIKE A PRO.

See? Mathematically speaking his cool factor is in the gazillions.

And then there’s the hubs:

Discussing why mom’s obsession with fractions is PROBABLY unhealthy…

Looking for comma splices

FWIW – that cookie monster costume got blue fuzz EVERYWHERE.

Can someone PLEASE figure out how to crop out the flabby white dudes photobombing this sweet pic? Thanks.

No, no, no! You need the ALLEN wrench dad!

My professional egg hunters. What we learned: 70 eggs hidden in the yard is WAY TOO MANY.

All of which to say: THANK YOU to both of the dads in my life for being so wonderful. I wish I was better with words, so I could tell you how much I appreciate you both. So I’ll settle for embarrassing you semi-anonymously :-*


8 Comments on “The dads I know are mathematically cooler than yours.”

  1. ProfMomEsq says:

    Awww. Sweet tribute to the dads.

    But, 70 eggs? LOLOLOLOL. At least you were smart enough to count how many you hid. How long did it take you to find them?

    • RIGHT?!? It was our first egg-hunting Easter. We were excited. We should have known there would be problems when we took to just throwing handfuls in the grass, corn-seed style.

      We found 60 of the 70… The lawnmower found the rest… Doh!

  2. Dan says:

    You are a Snot!
    And I love you very much.
    Dad (the old one)

  3. Laurie says:

    Great batch of pictures and two very important dads–the captions are priceless!

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