So there’s an art installation downtown.  I was unprepared, to say the least:


Giant. Snails.

BABY giant snails. Yes, that’s a different outfit. There was a fountain incident.

I know I risk this becoming the “we’re obsessed with animals” blog – but DO YOU SEE THE GIANT SNAILS?!?!

Can I also mention they were on top of buildings around the square? And on the gazebo at the grocery?

So cool.

A common garden snail runs, on average, 2 inches long when full grown.  The grown up pink snail was EASILY 8 feet long.  That’s 48 times longer than a real snail.  (Not to mention a MILLION TIMES PINKER.)

The garden snail can move about a quarter of it’s body length a second, which means the pink snail could reach speeds of 2 feet per second, or just under a mile and a half an hour!  Also, since garden snails eggs are roughly 1/10 the length of the snail, the pink snail would lay 9.5-inch eggs.  By the hundreds.

I think I just wrote a horror movie script.  *shudder*

Anyway.  Happy pink snail day!!


2 Comments on “SNAILS. omg. SNAILS”

  1. Ann says:

    Look out! Giant snails! Could be the next big summer action movie!!!

    My youngest is 4 and already I have forgotten about carrying around extra outfits!

    I love your blog! I definitely think we should become bloggy friends : )

    • The worst is when you realize the backup outfit / diaper is 6 months old and waaaaaaay too small or the wrong season. Poor kiddo, victim of mom’s scatterbrained ways…

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