We’re MILDLY obsessed with cows.

Mildly.  As in constant mooing morning, noon and night.

So in honor of our new obsession, I’m providing ten riveting facts you didn’t know you wanted to know about cows.  Thank you google.

1. A cow can climb up the stairs, but cannot climb down. This is because her knees cannot bend properly.

2. A milk cow produces approximately 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime.

3. A cow stands up and sits down about 14 times a day.

4. A cow usually spends 6-7 hours in day eating cud and around 8 hours on chewing it.

5. Almost all domesticated cows chew at least 50 times per minute. 

6. An average cow has more than 40,000 jaw movements in a day.

7. Cows can drink up to 35 gallons of water a day.

8. Cows do not bite grass; rather they curl their tongue around it.

9. Cows have almost total 360-degree panoramic vision.

10. Cows have an acute sense of smell and can smell something up to 6 miles away.

You’re welcome.


4 Comments on “We’re MILDLY obsessed with cows.”

  1. Laurie says:

    So is he bvooing or mooing?? I love crazy facts like this–not sure what to do with them, but love them all the same!

    • LOL – a little of both. The important part is the OOOOOOOOOOOOO part.

      We saw a free-range (read: escaped) cow walking down the road today – had traffic stopped both ways for quite some time… LS was IN HEAVEN.

  2. Ann says:

    So interesting! My son was really into chickens for a while. Farm animals : )

    Did you ever watch the Temple Grandin movie? We really like it.

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