Summer session is kicking my arse and other thoughts


I forget every year that teaching summer session is a crash course for students AND faculty.  3 credits in 5 weeks translates to about a chapter a night in the classes I teach.  And we have class 4 nights a week.  Add in my Friday tutoring hours, and I’m at the school 25ish hours a week.

Which I recognize isn’t a ton… I bow down to every parent out there that works full-time & keeps the home fires burning.  For reals.

But, it IS waaaaaay more than my Fall and Spring schedule of 3 hours two nights a week + Saturday tutoring.  Our awesome babysitter (hahahah – I just typed babyshitter.  That’s funny right there.) has joked that she just might move in. Which actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea now that I mention it… She’s young – she can sleep on an air mattress through July, right?

All to say – I suck at posting.  I know.  *mea culpa*


My BABY brother is halfway through a two-week leave from the Navy, having just gotten back from his first deployment. While this has little to do with math, the Little Scientist and I really enjoyed the weekend he spent down in our neck of the woods.  Some proof of our enjoyment:

where are you goooooooing?!?!

there are no words for that expression. No. Words.

The LS uses the power of distraction…


Ok, I’ll let you up THIS time…


4 Comments on “Summer session is kicking my arse and other thoughts”

  1. Laurie says:

    Fun pics! Looks like LS has the upper hand! Don’t you think sometimes part-time is almost full-time without the benefits?

    • In the summer, absolutely – hell, most full timers don’t teach summer courses (not complaining, as it leaves more hours for peons like me!!)

      In the fall and spring though, I definitely win… Mostly because I don’t have to go to any meetings / hold office hours / basically do anything but teach 🙂

  2. Ann says:

    I really wish I took college level math – I went to art school – I don’t think they even offered it. Have you ever done a post recommending math refresher books?

    • Oooooooo – excellent idea!!

      Just FYI, most community colleges have low cost refresher / remedial classes in some sort of “developmental math” program… That’s the kind of stuff I usually teach 🙂

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