All laced up and other sequencing activities.

This week we’ve been working on lacing activities: for the cost of some yarn needles and some leftover yarn, we’re working on fine motor skills and sequencing.  (To really get the second part, I try to make the Little Scientist predict where the needle will come out next, or where it’s “hiding” inside by following the strings.

My first try (and still the favorite of LS) was the colander:

pull pull pull pull – wait a minute. why is my trivet on the floor?



back in… and now we’ve grown a fork on the floor. awesome.

(In full disclosure, shortly after these pictures, SOMEONE took to dragging the colander around the house by the string, pretending they were walking a dog. Goodness sakes, we need to get a dog for this boy.)

We’ve also started working on simple (SIMPLE) lacing cards, but the in-and-out is a work-in-progress.  He still likes for me to take the needle on the back side of the card and push it through.  We also like to think that the nose and eyes are holes.  If my hole-punch reached that far, I’d make that part happen.

chin to ear – sounds logical to me!

note that we’re still working on pushing it ALL THE WAY through.

I’ve also punched some holes in a up-cycled toilet paper tube so that he can thread across the tube… Will let y’all know how that one goes when we pull it out to play with 🙂

The other sequencing activity we’ve been working on is a story-board activity. A while back, I covered a 2′ x 4′ plywood board in flannel, and used the “prickly” side of some hook-and-loop dots (*cough Velcro cough*) to hang some dog pictures on the flannel board.  One of our favorite stories right now is Sandra Boynton’s “Moo, Baa, La La La” (you MUST check out the iPad app… Seriously awesome.  Seriously.).  I copied the pictures from our legally-purchased-and-personally-owned board book and put more prickly hook-and-loop dots on the back.  I mix them up and ask him what comes next, or purposefully put one in the wrong order and make him find it.  He thinks this last part is HILARIOUS – getting one over on mom.

rhinoceros’ *snort* and *snuff*


cow says “bvooo”. yes, you read that right. bvoo. don’t ask.


One Comment on “All laced up and other sequencing activities.”

  1. Laurie says:

    Sooooo fun! great eye hand work too and problem solving! ….never heard a bvoooing cow though…..

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