Books and apps and toddlers (oh my!!)

Today: a brief collection of some of our fave books & apps…  I’ve tried to link each to their amazon / iTunes URL as appropriate!  Many have to do with math, but a few are just our current obsessions.

  • Books:
    • Graeme Base: The Water Hole (although I think our babysitter finds the “all the animals went away” part particularly depressing…  And I think the author’s cheating by not telling me what sound the kangaroo makes.  YOU DON’T KNOW, DO YOU?!?!?!)
    • Sandra Boynton: Doggies (reflecting our CONTINUING OBSESSION with all things dog)
    • Keith Baker: Potato Joe (irony: the talking potato iPhone app scares the bejeezus out of the kid.  Counting potatoes, however seem to be just fine.  Weird.)
    • Mem Fox & Helen Oxenbury: Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (Ok, ok, so this one is MY favorite.  Gotta have books that you can stand to read OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER in this house.)
    • Brad Epstein: Chicago Cubs 101 (My First Team Board-Books; they’ve got one for all the major teams.  Not that you’d want any team but this one, for goodness sake.  Notice that it’s not a math book, per se – but all the numbers and counting lend themselves well to that kind of discussion)
    • Jonathon London: Wiggle Waggle (Non-math, but great for audience participation.  This book is the reason that my library books are 4 weeks overdue – I’m frightened of what will happen if it becomes unavailable… HURRY UP Amazon, with our copy!!)
  • iPhone / iPad apps:
    • Numberlys (Ok, so it’s really about the alphabet.  But the characters talk in / are named after numbers.  The fine motor skills are a fair bit higher than the 1.5 year-old can manage, but the animation just sucks him in.  So. Darn. Cute.  A little spendy – we used a birthday gift card to justify the cost…)
    • Shapes (by toddler teaser.  We haven’t tried any of the purchasable extension packs, but it comes with “basic shapes”.  A particular fan fave is the popping-balloons to get shapes game)
    • Monster / Another Monster at the End of this Book (Great for learning sequencing, predicting events.  Also good for fine motor practice – I’ve noticed a huge jump in abilities here at the 18/19 month mark.  Another spendy one: THANK YOU Mamaw and Papaw!)
    • Talking Carl (A repeating-heard-sounds app.  Nothing to do with math.  But the kiddo can imitate his giggles, and poke him in the eye.  He also likes to have Carl “tell him a story” – i.e. Mom tells Carl a story in 2-sentence increments, and then holds the app up so Carl can tell kid.  Convoluted, yes.  A tantrum-saver in the car? Absolutely!  We haven’t tried the new Gugl character update… I’m saving THAT one for a rainy day.)

How about you – any fave apps or books for us to try?


3 Comments on “Books and apps and toddlers (oh my!!)”

  1. A couple there I haven’t tried, so thanks for the tips. Have you tried Graeme Base’s Animalia App? You can read each page, but it has several activities to help explore the illustrations. I’ve loved the book since it came out over 25 years ago, and this App is great. I’m hoping that they translate some of his other similar books (e.g. Eleventh Hour) into this kind of format. As to favourite apps, I’m gradually adding them all to my blog, but some I haven’t added that are favourites are anything by Toca Boca. They really understand how kids play.

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