An obligatory facebook post

So, the IPO is tomorrow.

(Full disclosure: I quit facebook about 8 months ago, right when the timeline feature was looming on the horizon.)

A few numerical comparisons:

  • The IPO price is set at $38.  To compare, McDonald’s had an IPO of $22.50 in 1965, roughly equivalent to $164 in today’s money (inflation calculator here).  3 years ago, Google was priced at $85 per share for their IPO, and closed the day at $100 (earning a modest $1.67 billion).  It’s worth noting that the same stock is valued at ~$600 a share today.
  • Facebook stands to make an estimated $16 billion dollars tomorrow, should the stock behave as predicted.  $16 billion.  That’s enough money to give every man, woman, and child currently alive in the world $2.34 each.  Or to give each person who has EVER been alive $0.15.
  • Zuckerberg is 21.  At 21, Einstein was still a patent clerk, Newton still hadn’t read Euclid’s Elements, and Abraham Lincoln was just leaving home to find manual labor on the river boats.  The year Zuckerberg was born the top pop song was Bryan Adams’Everything I Do, and the first Gulf war began.  The Berlin Wall fell 2 years before he was born, and he has never known a time when Pete Rose was allowed to have anything to do with baseball.



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