I don’t need to walk around in circles / walk around in circles…

(Soul Coughing – El Oso – 1998)

So the Little Scientist and I have been working on proto-geometry this week.  Our first venture was to make some un-swallowable magnets for the fridge: I whipped up a quick pdf file for this that you are more than welcome to appropriate (basic_shapes).  Each magnet is just over 3″ wide. 

The raw materials + gnarly glare

the magnets. plus fido and superman. and the pizza hut delivery number. yum.

explaining the magnets to fido

I decided to spring for the magnet paper instead of the standard magnet strips / buttons because it’s a little weaker in sticking-to-the-fridge power, and one of LS’s main frustrations is getting magnets OFF the fridge.  However, rather than print them on the oh-so-spendy $5/3 sheets magnet paper, I printed them on regular paper, traced them onto my foam, and then arranged them on the magnet sheet for maximum space usage.  (For the 7 I ended up making to completion, it took around half of a magnet sheet).

I bought the foam door hangers (around $5 also) instead of the standard 2 mm foam sheets because I was looking for foam with some thickness for chubby little fingers.  (See “frustration” above.)  Cutting all of the magnets out of foam left me with 3 hangers to spare.  I will confess that the starburst patterns seemed like a better idea on paper than they did on foam – I ended up scrapping that one and just making a small oval instead.

It’s interesting to note that after just a few hours playing with (read: chewing on) the magnets that the LS is way better with identifying shapes than the colors we’ve been playing with for over a month.  Maybe it has to do with introducing them fewer at a time?  Maybe it’s because he finds the word “parallelogram” HIL-AR-IOUS.  Hilarious.


2 Comments on “I don’t need to walk around in circles / walk around in circles…”

  1. Laurie says:

    Geometric fun!! Love the picture of the little guy “explaining” the shape!
    Sounds like a successful math lesson–minus the stars–lol

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