3:15 Monday afternoon

At 3:15 yesterday afternoon I fished a pill out of the Little Scientist’s mouth.

He’s fine.

After a call to poison control (I knew I wrote that number on the babysitter magnet for a reason…), we hightailed it to the ER.

You know they take you seriously when there’s no waiting in a packed ER.

4 IV sticks + 4 ounces of charcoal by mouth (I put that chemical engineering degree to good use – mouth siphoning and using a straw as a dropper FTW), we just played a waiting game. One sleepless night later & it appears the only pill he found was the one I fished out.

No math today – just do me a favor & go check your bathroom floors / behind trashcans / in bottoms of drawers for lonely little pills.

Thank you.

More math snark & geek humor tomorrow. Promise.



2 Comments on “3:15 Monday afternoon”

  1. Laurie says:

    Scary business! Glad to hear all is well and he’s back to watching George and of course, climbing climbing climbing. Big hugs <>

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