Toddler categories (sneezy, dopey, happy, grumpy, roly, poly)

Ok, so I don’t actually mean categories for toddlers.  I mean activities for young toddlers involving categorization.  I know it looks like we’re working with puffballs and hands and colors – but developing the order and “belonging-ness” of things is a vital pre-math skill for little guys and girls (in jargonese, we call this the start of the one-to-one and the stable-order principles).  I stole got most of these ideas from – she rocks.

That being said – no laughing at my photography / disheveled house.  That would be mean.

Color pathway:

We tape construction paper in a “road” to the kitchen floor, and as the little scientist walks up and down his road, we talk about the colors he’s stepping on.  Every once in a while I give him a color to find.  Sometimes he finds it.  Sometimes he poops his pants instead.


Looking some more…

Found it!

High Fives:

I traced his hand onto a cardboard template, then made one hand in each color (yes, I did re-use the color road construction paper – aren’t you proud of me?).  I then taped these to the wall at toddler-level.  We work on high-fiving particular colors, or particular spatial relationships (“go higher / lower / to the side!”).  We also smooch on the purple hand.  We like purple.  Please ignore the damp splotches in the picture.  (Which reminds me that I need to laminate my next set of handprints.  Construction paper bleeds color onto matte walls, fyi.)


Aaaand from a different angle. Same thing though.

Puffball sorter:

I took an old egg carton and around thirty little puffballs of varying sizes.  The goal would be to put one puffball in each egg slot (also working on pincer grasp for fine-motor practice).  The actuality would be discovering that we like licking puffballs.  Delish.  We’re still working on this one.


More dumping…

Now sorting! Hey – is that mom’s knee?

(bonus: these make great rainy-day indoor activities too!)


One Comment on “Toddler categories (sneezy, dopey, happy, grumpy, roly, poly)”

  1. Laurie says:

    Great concepts and pictures! Math in action!

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